Phân tích lỗ hổng ProxyLogon — Mail Exchange RCE (Sự kết hợp hoàn hảo CVE-2021–26855 + CVE-2021–27065)

  • CVE-2021–26855: Mail Exchange Pre-Auth SSRF
  • CVE-2021–26857: Post-Auth Deserialization
  • CVE-2021–26858: Post-Auth arbitrary file write
  • CVE-2021–27065: Post-Auth arbitrary file write
  • 1 lỗ hổng SSRF với quyền system
  • 1 lỗ hổng ghi file tùy ý (cần quyền admin mail)
- SID của user john: S-1–5–21–1525789613–2932220202–353317642–3102
- SID của admin: S-1-5-21-1525789613-2932220202-353317642-500



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